Hey! Welcome Home.

Remember how you always complain that you have nobody to talk to?

Well, now you do.

Pour out all that keeps you up at night; let all the demons flow.

Give yourself another chance.

For you deserve to let the baggage go.

Yes! you do. ♥

We might not have the answers,

we might not be the cure,

we’re just another station on your journey.

Unload, sit down, shed a tear or two,

rant about how life hates you

and go back to loving it again

with a lighter heart and soul that’ll only soar.

If you want to talk:

This is how our relationship works:

  • Head over to the Contacts page
  • Write anything that you want to say. ANYTHING. ANY. THING. (Just imagine this: you break up, you post. You fail, you post. YOU DID NOT GET YOUR FAVORITE BREAKFAST, YOU POST! )
  • In the Subject field, write “Reply” if you want to talk to me about it. “No Reply” if you want to vent out and don’t want us to say/do anything about it.
  • In any case, ❤

P.S. For any contributions write “Contribution” in the subject field.

If you want to listen to me:

Head over to the Poems/ Ranting Muggle to get a slice of my world.  From my heart to yours.

Don’t forget to tell me how you like it! Thanks!

Support the Muggle

Talking remains free and always will be. Promise! If you found any solace in our words and you had a good experience talking to us, AND if you want to help us, please consider supporting with a donation of your choice. *IT IS NOT COMPULSORY AND WE WILL LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY NO MATTER WHAT!*





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  1. You are doing a great job. Listening to people rant isn’t that easy. Keep doing this. I love youuuuu for doing this.❤ dhanyawaaddd favvv💕


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