Hey! Welcome Home.

Remember how you always complain that you have nobody to talk to?

Well, now you do.

Pour out all that keeps you up at night; let all the demons flow.

Give yourself another chance.

For you deserve to let the baggage go.

Yes! you do. ♥

We might not have the answers,

we might not be the cure,

we’re just another station on your journey.

Unload, sit down, shed a tear or two,

rant about how life hates you

and go back to loving it again

with a lighter heart and soul that’ll only soar.

If you want to talk:

This is how our relationship works:

  • Head over to the Contacts page
  • Write anything that you want to say. ANYTHING. ANY. THING. (Just imagine this: you break up, you post. You fail, you post. YOU DID NOT GET YOUR FAVORITE BREAKFAST, YOU POST! )
  • In the Subject field, write “Reply” if you want to talk to me about it. “No Reply” if you want to vent out and don’t want us to say/do anything about it.
  • In any case, ❤

P.S. For any contributions write “Contribution” in the subject field.

If you want to listen to me:

Head over to the Poems/ Ranting Muggle to get a slice of my world.  From my heart to yours.

Don’t forget to tell me how you like it! Thanks!




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  1. You are doing a great job. Listening to people rant isn’t that easy. Keep doing this. I love youuuuu for doing this.❤ dhanyawaaddd favvv💕


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