Have you ever had a blister in your mouth?
The ever present, ever nagging
Sits beneath your tongue like an uninvited guest.
You’re fine one moment and the next,
something beneath your tongue hurts;
eyes turn red and water
tears- a normal reaction.
you then know the pain.
touch it
show it
but its yours to be felt
You can’tlaugh anymore.
You can’t talk much.
you know the pain.
It keeps you up at night,
hurts when you turn;
gives you a morning kiss.
Only you know how much it hurts.
It’s all over the place.
Your tongue
like your soul
keeps caressing it all day,
like she had missed it all this while.
happy to be with it.
wants it to stay, just a little bit longer.
And then
it’s gone!
it isn’t there.
Your tongue is back in it’s place.
sad, as always.
The whimsical monster
came and went
Only to come back later
as unannounced
as before
takes you by surprise
all over again.
like you miss someone who you were once a part of; but not anymore.



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