Are humans really humane?
“Dadri lynching case”
Here, today, where I sit, it is October 2015, the ‘modern age’ and there is no such thing/feeling/concept which so much as comes near  the aforementioned word.
The good humans of god are double faced, fickle, whiny bitching people who have egos bigger than their hearts and absolutely no guts, a world where humans are indifferent, distant and cold towards fellow humans. I basically live in a world where marriages happen for the sake of dowry and sex is nothing about pleasure. In this gorgeous world, 4 year olds are raped for some god forsaken reason. Don’t worry, old women aren’t spared either.
A teensy bit of a woman’s bare skin is enough to arouse the men around here and a rape is generally a woman’s fault, since her clothes asked for it. An honest chap dying on street was murdered and went by unnoticed, while the corrupt politician was assassinated and at least has got a case going on in court. People are beaten to death by a mob of goons because they are suspected to have eaten/stored beef (later turns out that it wasn’t beef but mutton, which is again, inconsequential).
You see the problem?
The problem when we expect a sweeper to clean after us?
When we walk past a blind man trying to cross road?
When we make fun of people because of their physical appearance?
We are not humans anymore!
You see what we’ve become?
We are spine-less, gut-less people with no voice of our own. But then again, why would anyone dare speak when he sees a human rights activist being beaten to death by a bunch of goons? I mean the bloke just got beaten up for trying to make a change! It pains my heart, to be in a country where a man with sedentary job is paid more than a manual labourer.  You see being a human is given to us, keeping our humanity is completely our choice.
It is always a good time to start again, always a good time to act. There are bad examples, there sure are, but there are good ones to look up to too. The choice rests with you.



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