In the ancient times, some thousands of years ago, there used to be this concept, strictly followed, which later came to be known as ‘humanity’

The dictionary meaning of this word says, “humanity is the quality or state of being human”. When humans behave like themselves, they are called humanitarians
But, today, where i sit, on 10 October  2015 (modern era apparently) there is no such thing/feeling/concept which so much as comes near to the above mentioned word.
These good humans of god are double faced, fickle, whiny bitching witches who have anything but guts.
I basically live in a world where marriages happen for the sake of dowry and sex is nothing about pleasure.
In this beautiful world, 4 year olds are raped because they are accused of having a pussy. Don’t worry, old women aren’t spared either.
Men are so horny, so so horny that the view of even a teensy bit of girl’s  skin can arouse them and “force” them to rape her
An honest chap dying on street was murdered and went by unnoticed,
while the super corrupt politician was assassinated and at least has got a case going on in court.
The guy who hangs around with girls is OH-SO-CUTE! And the girl hanging around with boys is such a mother fucking slut! (Judgemental arseholes)
You see the problem? The problem when we expect a sweeper to clean after us? When we walk past a blind man trying to cross road? When we make fun of people because of their physical appearance? We are not fucking humans anymore!
You see what we’ve become? Spine-less, gut-less people with no voice of our own. But then again, Why would anyone dare speak when he sees a human rights activists being beaten to death by a bunch of goons? I mean the bloke just got fucked for doing good!
It pains my heart, to be in a country where a man with sedentary job is paid more than a manual labourer.
There are humans but no humanity.



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