And then she left.
She did not bother to pick her bags.
Neither did she take one last glance.
She walked straight ahead
From the lawn
Onto the road.
A tear did escape her eye
But that was necessary too.
Her leg was bleeding from last night
But that is what gave her the courage all through.
Her past,
Twisted and knotted,
Desire and hatred,
Respect and rebellion,
Lovers and lies.
Stubbed her cigarette
And took the next right.
Flowers on her skirt,
Tattered and smudged.
Tattoo on her arm,
Smeared in blood.
She walked
As if to reach the end,
And finally look for what lies there.
Five rights and three lefts
found herself on the edge.
One more step and she could
Leave her world behind;
But her kids were alone.

They were alone



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