hunched back,
Looks like a sac,
Baggy eyes,
Unnoticed skies,
Unliked status,
part of the bogus,
Intellectual twitter battles,
Solving worldly petty matters.

Legs arouse,
Women’s a louse.
Rape by mistake,
Uncontrollable snake.
Stitch the pussy,
Don’t be fussy.
Control her urge,
Let him splurge.

Freedom of speech,
don’t scream.
Assent is precious,
Dissent seditious.
Law is strong,
Muscle stronger.
The good days song,
Forgotten long.

Secular nation,
Communal tension.
Lynched for beef,
Muslim, hence a creep.
We want reservation,
No, not education!
Reservation, thanks much, is great,
Or we’ll burn our own state.

food pictures,
new sneakers,
Travel clicks,
Fall off a cliff.
Post everything,
Poop with bling.

Licking dirty butts,
Suited sluts.
Amassing wealth,
Crumbling health.
Can’t buy diseases,
Poor rich leeches.
Seem regressing,
Think progressing.

Political bombing,
Political condoling,
National welfare,
*Politically and economically correct national welfare.
Say servants,
Behave tyrants,
Tea maker’s poor son,
Sure knows oppression.

Hocus pocus
All a bogus.
Free basics
Everyone fakes it.
Lucky minister
Evil sinister.
We keep quiet
Shut our eyes.

Observe, Think, Cry or die
But don’t ask why.
We don’t like questions
Uneducated govern our education. We’re a civilized nation
Just like this poetic creation.
Organized on surface
Sans base.



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