Morning sunshine

People say mornings are beautiful,
that waking up at dawn is priceless.
People say let your hopes rise with the rising sun,
Let the sun be your guide.

But what if I’m way too much in love with the moon?

With all it’s flaws and insecurities.
For flaws make you lovely;
Flaws make you…human.

what if the dawn never happens?
What if I remain stuck in the dark…and happily so?
After all, days are for putting your bras on tight –
Nights are all about crawling out and drowning in your fears and failures.

Painfully comforting.

Comfortably destroying.
To dismantle
while your own arms
Hold your shards together.
To write your flowing arteries
On a tattered yellow sheet of coffee-stained paper.

To finally remove the carpet from the blood-stained floor.
There has to be a reason why going naked at 2 am is easy
and necessary.
But at 2 pm? It takes real guts to throw the mask away.
It is when the moon shines
Bright enough for the bodies to mingle
and you are floundering through your thoughts
That you realize how mesmerisingly lovely nights actually are;
how necessary.
There has to be a reason why broken people cannot sleep at night
and smile in the face of it, all through the day.
There has to be a reason why broken hearts hurt like broken bones,
and self control goes down the rotting drain.
Is it because you are lonely?
Or because you are alone with yourself?
Is it because no one can see you?
Or because, for the first time during the day; you find yourself?
In the moonlit darkness your plastic smile refuses to shine,
It never does;
and you find your way out of the maze just in time for sunrise, ready to start pretending again.



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