You see pain never demanded to be felt.

Pain never asked you to cry into oblivion.
Pain asked you to be sad no more than happiness asked you to laugh.
It is just how it is.
Nobody hates a smooth ride, its the rocky patch that gives you back aches.
No one wants a bad sight, they all want beautiful scenes.
No one wants a heart break, they all want an everlasting love.
But what’s life without some heart ache?
Without some of those nights when you cannot stop crying without some help?
Without those nights when you sleep on your dead mother’s empty bed?
Those nights when you’re sick to death and your parents are off to a party?
Those nights when you can’t think straight because your boyfriend is in someone else’s bed?
That maddening blizzard you go through,
Those broken arteries that flow unrestrained.
Your heart beats so fast that you know its there, can happiness make you aware of your organs?
Does it wrench your gut?
Does it coil your heart like a rope? Does it make you forget your empty stomach?
Does it make you weak in the bones? Does it make your eyes water like a cloud burst?
Does it make you aware of yourself?
That deep profound sadness when, you’ve lost the person you love to the clutches of death.
There is no place in this whole wide world where you can touch them, feel them, hear them, smell them, taste their presence.
Whatever is then the use of your five senses you have no idea.
But you go through it.
One breath at a time, you make your way, till a time comes when you’ve made through an entire year with your senses intact.
Does that make you happy?
Because that makes me very, very happy.
Congratulations! You made it through.
Even if you’re mid way, look around, look at all those people in pain, look at everybody and you’ll know that you’ll make it through.
Some day.
Pain will make you happy.
Some day.



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