Big blue eyes,

Round red nose,
Messy brown hair,
Lips pink as those.
Sitting in the corner,
Under a huge banyan tree,
She wrote romantic songs,
Unnoticed by the human eye,
In that lone corner she sat,
Weaving beautiful word webs,
Biting her lip,
Oh! That mesmerizing lass.
Her melodious symphonies,
Were food for my bones,
Her serene voice,
Oxygen for my soul.
She laughed,
Oh boy! That wonderful laugh,
Aligned all my wayward stars.
Split my poor heart,
Into a million parts.
She grew leaner everyday,
Lost a strand of hair daily.
Her eyes grew bigger,
And lips a bit too black.
She walked slow now,
For she was always short,
Of breaths.
She looked pale now.
The nose was no longer red.
As the days passed,
I could see her bones clearly.
For she was too lean,
Under that huge banyan tree.
On a stormy black day,
I saw nature’s wrath.
Winds were agitated,
Rainfall and thunder grew.
For cancer had won yet again,
Defeated nature’s being,
And there was nothing
That nature could think.
Her cadaver lay covered,
In crisp white sheets,
She lay peacefully,
Under the huge banyan tree.
Closed big blue eyes,
Blue pale nose,
Tied brown hair,
Lips blue as those.



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