Hey kid,

They’ll ask you to fall in love
judge you when you do.
Set you up with success
Feel mad envy when you get through.
Your nerves demand love.
Their bones crave satiation.
They’d love to watch you run.
Run, kid but remember:
If you run too fast,
You may go too far.
Be prepared to let go
you left behind.
Don’t listen to the pump.
it’s way too emotional.
Run, kid. Run as much as you want to.
Go as far as you aspire to.
That is what you were born to do.
Fall in love, dear human.
Don’t be afraid of a collision.
Don’t feel sad for the step taken back
Just never,
never ever
buy their idea for yours.
Let there be red, green kills the joy.
Peace. Love. Run.



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