Piku is one movie that I can never get tired of watching. NEVER. Apart from all the obvious things that are attractive about the movie, actors, their performance and the realistic setting, the theme stays with you far longer than you would have thought. Your heart aches after walking out of that movie and all you want is to call your ma.

Most of us, I mean I for sure, hate it when my father’s views clash with mine and I want mine to prevail and he wants his. In this ego clash, only one person can win and the other has to let go.  He wants me to be a good marriage material and have a respectable job for myself, while I want to concentrate on whatever career I have for myself. I then end up saying “I wish I had a father like Piku’s” because making a gol roti is beyond me! The love hate relationship I have with my father is on similar lines as Piku’s and maybe that is why I relate to her so much.



It is frustrating, it really is! The perpetual feeling that your father doesn’t get you or you have to sacrifice your social life for him or that he’s just too dumb to understand. All the internships I had to let go because of time constraints or all the parties I couldn’t go to because I didn’t get the permission. Then I watch this movie and…


So sometimes maybe we as kids need to realise that all the experiences our parents have had in their life have made them the way they are and our experiences shape us. We don’t have to agree with eachother, we just have to get along somehow. Parents are the most taken-for-granted entities in the world and believe it or not, they will always stick by your side no matter how shitty humans they otherwise are.  Shitty or good, they’re only humans and even if they did not understand you when it was their time to; even if you hate them for not letting you go into drama and forcing you to do something, always remember: they’re only humnas. Humans who acted upon their limited experience and made you a victim of it because they thought that that path was good for your future.

Does not sound like a major crime now, does it? Life gives you a million opportunities everyday. You can fill a form for the drama school instead of hating your parents forever. I know it sounds preachy and it is easier said than done but, it is true (Piku decided to take an off no matter how much her business suffered. :p) No matter how much you earn or what stage of life you’re in, you have the power to wake up in the morning and say “This is not what I want anymore!”

That is what I did once when my father was being a major bitch to me and I woke up one morning, looked him in the eye and told him my rules. To my surprise! he apologised to me and said that it’s hard for him being a single parent and not knowing the psyche of his children. Being a single parent is hard I knew but never did I realise that he was finding it this hard! We found a middle way that day. Baat karne se baat ban jati hai. (Talking about your problems helps you find solutions)


A middle way. :’)




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