Till I see you again.

Someday, I’ll love you.
I’ll love all the scars on your body,
And all the imperfections of you soul.
I’ll embrace you, someday,
And lose my self in you.
There’ll be a day when I will hold your hands,
while you hold my universe together.
I will kiss your lips while you mend my broken bridges.
Love, then will not be alien,
It’ll be the food for my soul.
Love then will not feel harsh anymore.
I will talk my heart to you,
Without speaking a single word.
There’ll finally be a day when I will breathe you in.
Oh, how I long for that day,
When I see you again,
Sans the huge cancer in you.
For the day when we meet for the first time all over again.
For the day when I’ll see my light again.



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