In these beautiful hills,

And breathtaking scene,
Under this bright cold sky,
I look for love.
My empty, broken, wanton heart yearns for love.
Besides this gushing river,
My blood refuses to flow,
It just stops.
As I lie flat in this red wet sand,
Surrounded by trees and birds in love.
I? Alone; with myself.
I realise how utterly and completely broken I am.
How my heart craves love,
And how I reject it every time that it comes knocking.
How my heart is thirsty,
and the brain won’t let me drink.
True, I’ve lost.
A lot more than I could ever afford.
True, I’ve lost.
Much, much, much more than I could let go.
True, I’m stuck in the cremation ground.
True, I still look for her in crowds.
All of this is true and then I look for love,
A love that wants me as much as I want it,
A love that craves for me as much as I do.
All my messed up system and
whole of my miserable human body wants love.
Wants a rush of blood,
a flow.



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