What is it with violence? People hitting people? Husbands hitting their own wives? Terrorists killing humans? I’ve never understood why people get violent. Never. I’ve tried innumerable times and I’ve failed.

No man, no matter how rich or broke, has the right to beat his wife because he can’t contain his frustration and anger. What happened to good old fashioned tea? Head massage? Heart-to-hearts? How can a hot cup of tea not cure something and thrashing can? Oh the wife? She wouldn’t say a word. EVER. She’d probably spend the next week trying to hide the scars. Its India we’re talking about for god’s sake.
Oh? Amidst all this shit, you did not get a fucking TV? What kind of “GIFTS” are these? Do your parents not love you? BOO-YEAHH!, now i am going to torture you, new bride, mentally and physically, till the time you die or maybe fulfil our gutless wishes. You are free to go back to your dying father just so you know!
“Hey pooja? I saw you holding hands with a boy today. Come here sister, I’ll beat you. I am a very good brother you see. Of course i have a girlfriend but that is a completely different matter. I am a boy and my girlfriend is no one’s sister or daughter. “
(hypocrite much?)
“Yes darling! India is a free country and hence the freedom of speech and expression. Oh yeah! Homosexuality is legal too. You can speak your heart, but if you tell me that you are gay, i will beat you like a savage and then take you to all the mental hospitals and magic babas, give you electric shocks. This will carry on till the time you die or accept a gender for yourself. You can choose! Isn’t that so good!”
Get my point?
People kill children. Shoot them in the face. There must be some reason. Maybe the kid did not was his hands after taking a poo? Maybe he was too cute? Imagine the pain, the agony of a mother who sent her child to heaven. Bid him goodbye with a happy face. If only she knew. If only..
Violence did no good ever.



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