You did it, didn’t you?… Please say yes!
I’m afraid, I didn’t.
Well… Well…

She knew what was coming her way but she was still taken aback by the intensity of it. She went to sleep with immense fear in her heart. He was sleeping right there. She could feel him. She felt his presence like you feel the need to pee. You have to do something about it or your bladder will burst, or so they say. She was afraid he might wake up.
Oh please, not today! I have an urgent meeting tomorrow. Please, not today! Not today!
At 2:45 am, when she finally allowed herself the luxury of sleep, he woke her up, dragged her by the hair and hit her hard across that pale cheek of hers. Her nose gave in to the pressure and bled profusely. The blood in her mouth tasted like rusted iron. Tremors went down her spine and an unbearable pain travelled from its base to the spinal cord, and finally exploded in her head. A few moments sans oxygen and she woke up, and sat upright on her bed, sweating like a woman in labour. Her body couldn’t contain the pain.
She checked her surroundings — it was a dream. He was still fast asleep. Her brain hurt as if a thousand sharp needles were being pushed into it, all at the same time. The spine was worse, crying like a sheet of hot iron being hit by a strong hammer. She was trapped. The pain was unbearable. Pain is an understatement for the sensation that was felt in each and every part of her body. Her breasts were too soft with the pressure, tender like cotton candy; they hurt and melted under the slightest touch.
She had to go to work the next day and cook the morning breakfast before she left. She had to. She was a woman. She had signed up for it by being born a woman.

The day at work was hard. She was afraid he’d come.
Not today. Not today. She kept on chanting.
She was praying for the day to pass without any trouble but Nature wasn’t in the mood for granting her prayers and he knocked: he knocked her goddamned wits out of her brain! She was in a meeting when she felt his warmth engulfing her senses, leaving her mentally crippled. She could feel him between her legs. She could feel her world coming to a halt. There were seven men staring right into her brown eyes while all she could see was ruby. She politely excused herself, her cheeks were flushed and her heartbeat erratic. She rushed out to solve the matter. It took her exactly 2 minutes and 45 seconds to be back in the company of the waiting men. She spoke like a woman on fire while her insides were burnt.
She made it through the meeting and even the one after it. She left for home after the 6 pm tea. It was a Wednesday and the whites were loaded in the washing machine. She could hardly walk, but then, she was a woman. She had signed up for this. Clothes washed and dinner made, she finally decided to take a nap because her body was killing her. But soon enough she realized that a visit to the temple was pending. Gods had to be pleased too, regardless of other earthly matters.
People at the temple were staring at her as though her miseries were elaborately painted on her pale forehead. Maybe he left marks on her: visible scarlet marks on her blue ripped denim jeans. She wasn’t allowed to enter. Why would the priest clean up the temple for one woman? Phew! Pointless.
God and Nature weren’t on the same page that day.
She went home dejected, angry, helpless, and dancing on the boundaries of defeat. She cried on her way back. He was laughing his guts out. The more he laughed, the more it hurt. Every action hurt. Sneezes were the worst. She had to go through it quietly. After all these years one would expect she’d be used to it but every time he hit, it felt new.
He had great fun torturing her… He had the right to.
He was her uterus after all.




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