No my child.

It will not hurt,
It’ll be just a prick
And everything will then be all right.
Don’t be afraid,
Let your blood run wild.
Let your bones roast.
Let your heart burn.
Remember what they did to you
play it before your eyes.
what each and every one of them did to you
and go on.
Walk with nothing but revenge in your soul,
with nothing but poison.
Remember each and every time pain
lanced through your helpless soul.
Let your greedy vengeance ablaze.
Remember every dusk that frightened your mother
every night she spent crying.
everytime she witnessed dawn,
with blood in her eyes.
Avenge each and every tear drop,
Each and every heartache.
Avenge each and every humiliation.
Go on,
be the daughter we will be proud of.
*Mother fastened the bomb jacket and gave the little girl a kiss.*
Go make us proud, my dear daughter.
Go make your God proud.



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