18 years since,
And I am still fighting
A battle no one sees
Racing against the boil
Of water from showers
In stranger rooms
Adorning stranger tiles
Shrugging off scents
From stranger smells
The sounds of sights
On my body
From the frames of
The mirror beside.

15 years then
they sold my favourite bicycle
And I was told to be quiet
To hush my voice
To not cry
And hurl my eyes in pain
Maybe they were right
Skies and winds and girls
Maybe they never liked

A little over 20 now
In pink covered rooms
Shrieking at the love
Of my life
A lover of sight
Recoiling into narrow
Dingy lanes
A trapeze of electric wires
I find, covering the sky
Between my thighs
Plaguing me with fears
Of deceits and lies
But, I still fight.

(Translations from everyday)
Sirf ladna aata hain?
Ji, janaab.
Ladna aata hain

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