Note To Self

You are broken, aren’t you?
You have to strive each day to get through the stuff that weighs you down but let me tell you,
The stuff that’s weighing you down it’s gonna help you bounce higher than you ever would.
It’s gonna take some time and a hell lot of patience to get things on track but believe me once they do you are gonna appreciate every bit of this struggle!
There’s no satisfaction if you easily get whatever you want. I honestly wonder about people who get everything without struggling for it. I wonder if they are even thankful for what they have.
So if you are going through the worst or you are trampled with sadness and anxiety and are about to lose all the hope you’ve ever had, all I would say is DON’T!
You have to pick yourself up and don’t you dare give up!
Because once all this is over you’ll rise higher than ever.
And it’s gonna be worth it!💙


-Varsha Kawade

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