And then it happened all over again.
Turned around,



Those clothes

those shawls

Black, swollen, hairy bellies.

Muddy feet, broken soles.

The relaxo chappal

worn out whites and blues.

She just walked by. 

Heart, heavy as remorse.

Still not backing down this time. 
Neon bras,

Silver stars,

Starry panties,

Borrowed happiness,

No guarantee.
Maroon lipstick

Smeared on the floor.

Tattooed thighs,

a blue globe.

green landmasses

Black countries.

Flowers. Black.

Dream catcher,

Bomb snatcher,

A silver lining of harry potter
24 waist

Always envied

Envy is natural

As is the ocean

Is it?
The warm blanket 

of ice cold water

Alluring and deadening.

It’s as natural was the purple water lillies.

Not green.
Broken dreams lie scattered on the floor.

Sharper than agony.

Shattered hopes 

floating in blood.

She ignored the tears

Oh this time she did.
Those tears…

Their capacity to make them her own.




She’d seen her happiness,

her fall in them.

looked deep into their eyes

Caught a glimpse of the soul

and finally let go.

There was no option;

Or was there?
Buzzy mind.

Sinking heart.

Drooping eyes.

Beating, blinding lights.

Numb legs.

But they still walk.



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